In-Track Flash-Butt Welding

In-Track Flash-Butt Welding

Holland is the industry leader in the field of flash-butt welding, not only in terms of available resources but also in experience and dedication to continual development of new technology that enables us to adapt to the evolving requirements of the railroad community. In 1972, Holland unveiled the first self-propelled railcar with a portable electric flash-butt welding machine in North America. Today, our fleet is the largest in the world with over 200 MobileWelders® across North America and Australia as well as flash-butt welding equipment operating in over 36 countries.

Our Intelliweld® Control System provides an unmatched degree of accuracy and quality in the production of rail welds. We pride ourselves as pioneers in developing flash-butt welding technology that continues to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions. As we continue to innovate welding solutions, we apply our industry-leading technology and expertise across a variety of applications.

Simple program adjustments allow us to tailor rail consumption to your requirements for localized track structures & target rail-neutral temperature. Lower rail consumption reduces the amount of de-clipping and clipping required, improving productivity and reducing labor costs.

Features of this system

  • Single system control
  • Hardened electronic equipment
  • Remote welder interface for software updates and troubleshooting
  • Certified weld schedule lock
  • Sub millisecond weld process control
  • Flashing interrupt monitoring
  • In process automated weld parameter adjustment
  • Automated calibration routine
  • Valve null readings determined during calibration
  • Automated weld quality checks

Flash-butt welding provides a number of benefits over thermite welding such as faster installation, reduced maintenance costs, and a stronger joint with consistent hardness. Learn more about the Benefits of Holland’s Flash-butt Welding Versus Thermite Welding.



Repair Welding

Addressing the Essentials: Prioritize rail defects and bolted joints management to forge a robust and low-maintenance track structure.

Holistic Solutions: Holland’s MobileWelders® bring you expedited and effectual defect removal, promoting longevity and performance in tracks.


Short-Plug Repair Welding

Efficient and Nimble: Utilizing smaller teams and 5’ plugs, the short plug welding method is a paradigm of efficiency and economical solutions.

Benefit Profiling: Examine the advantages such as impeccable joint strength, minimal repair time, zero scrap, and team agility.


Joint Elimination

Strategic Conversions: Expertly converting bolted rail to Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) to pragmatically decrease long-term maintenance expenditures.

Proven Expertise: Exploiting decades of experience to proficiently transform jointed rail into CWR, ensuring you save on maintenance costs.


Rail Destressing

One-Step Installation: Inclusive destressing during rail installation, eradicating the need for subsequent adjustments, saving time and resources.

Precision in Practice: Executing meticulous rail tensioning and welding, ensuring neutral forces and re-anchoring post weld-cooling.


Closure Welding

Ideal Closure Solutions: Implementing flash-butt welding with minimized rail consumption to proficiently execute closure welds in-track.

Enhanced Productivity: Adapting rail consumption and reducing clipping requirements to escalate productivity and cut labor costs.


Turnout Welding

Protecting Your Investment: Turnouts, the priciest track structure component, maintained impeccably with our Extended Reach MobileWelder®.

Extended Capabilities: Highlighting our ability to weld on-track or from a right of way road onto the track, depending on track center distances.

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