Portable Inspection Systems

Portable Inspection Systems

Holland’s Portable Inspection Systems are a lightweight, plug-and-play track measurement technology deployed from a conventional tow hitch receiver.  This feature eliminates the necessity of a dedicated hi-rail platform for the track measurement system. In other words, any available hi-rail platform with a hitch mount can be converted to an inspection vehicle. It can be operated by a single operator (weighs less than 50 lb.), deployed or removed within a minute, and stored and shipped with a luggage-size case. These systems can be folded up without disassembling from the hitch receiver and folded back down to return to track measurement without calibration. The GPS pole can also be folded down while traveling on the highway to the next job site.  

Learn more about the differences in these systems below:

Gauge Inspector

Gauge Inspector is a real-time track gauge measurement and exception detection system. Among track geometry-related derailments, wide gauge is the largest root cause reported to the FRA database. Argus Gauge Inspector has the following features:

  • Installation and gauge calibration within a few minutes from any vehicle with a hitch mount (Hi-Rail ATV/UTV, Hi-Rail Trucks, MOW equipment)
  • Laptop or tablet communicates with the system wirelessly. No computer, power supplies, or auxiliary equipment installation is necessary
  • Operator interface is a web browser. Yellow and red gauge tags can be input through the web browser
  • Desired gauge exceptions can be recorded with GPS coordinates and exported in CSV or PDF format
  • System provides an audible alert when gauge thresholds are exceeded with a screen color change
  • A great addition to other inspection systems since the operator does not need to monitor Argus Gauge Inspector screen
  • An ideal solution for yards with small UTV/ATVs as well as monitoring gauge during FRA 213 inspections

Track Inspector

Track Inspector is a real-time track geometry and rail profile measurement system.  The product package includes the following components:

  • Two rail sensors and system unit assembly
  • A laptop with data collection and geometry exception reporting software
  • A tablet with a track feature or asset recording (event terminal)
  • Foldable GPS antenna
  • Non-contact encoder
  • Travel case
  • Optional cellular modem with internet service for connectivity (data upload to Holland servers, remote connection by Holland engineers for technical support, data analytics and more)

Foot-by-foot geometry data and geometry exception lists can be exported in csv format after each inspection. Strip charts, curve summary reports and other exception reports are also automatically generated by the reporting software.  

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