Fixed Flash-Butt Welding

Fixed Flash-Butt Welding

While Holland has the largest fleet of MobileWelders in North America, we also provide rail welding in a fixed and portable settings. Using our Intelliweld® Control System, we provide an unmatched degree of accuracy and quality in the production of rail welds. 

Our Intelliweld Control System features:

  • Low Consumption Weld Capability
  • Real-Time Weld Monitoring, Control, and Diagnostics
  • Real-Time Automated data collection, weld parameter certification, charting, and archiving

Learn more about our fixed and portable welding solutions below.

Fixed Plant Welding

Each of our fixed plant welding facilities operates with high-production equipment and experienced personnel. Our facilities can create continuous welded rail strings in custom lengths, to be loaded onto rail trains for transport to various locations. Holland also offers rail trains, unloader cars, and rail unloading services.

We currently operated a fixed welding plant in Pueblo, CO and support Holland built fixed plant welders in the US and Canada.


Rail transportation costs, rail train availability, and associated logistics are the most critical factors when planning large-scale rail installation projects. When delivery of Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) to a site via rail is not a practical or fiscally effective option, a Holland Porta-Plant should be considered.

Our porta-plant operations have an average of 8-10 welds per productive hour with our Intelliweld ® Control System.

Similar in function and with the same high-quality weld production of a fixed plant, a Porta-Plant will provide greater weld production than a traditional roller line setup for less capital investment than CWR from a fixed plant.

With our years of experience operating these plants, our full turnkey crews tend to be 1-2 welds per hour more productive than crews with multiple stakeholders/contractors.

Rail Trains

Holland's Engineering and Manufacturing Group is skilled and experienced in manufacturing rail trains. In conjunction with our fixed rail plants, Holland’s bi-directional rail trains are the perfect addition to provide continuous welded rail to your desired location.

We have multiple equipment offerings available that are capable of loading and unloading rail strings 90-141 pounds and up to 1600 ft. in length. These cars can be designed to hold up to 60 pockets and 6 tiers.

Our rail cars are designed to have AAR / OSHA-approved safety grab handles and safety steps as well as expanded metal or diamond plate decking surfaces.

Car Offerings – Used, New, and Re-Manufactured:

Roller Stand Car
  • With or without flanged rollers
Tunnel Car
  • Collapsible safety railing systems
  • Dual hydraulic ramp assemblies
  • With or without blast doors
Tie Down Cars
  • Overhead safety cat walks with railing system
  • Collapsible safety railing systems
Unloading Units

2 Car Unloading Units Consists of:

  • Power Car and Ramp Car
  • 1 Car Unloading Unit

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