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Largest Mobile Flash-Butt Welding Fleet in the World
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Mobile Flash-Butt Welding

Holland is the industry leader in the field of flash-butt welding, not only in terms of available resources, but also in experience and dedication to continual development of new technology that enables us to adapt to the evolving requirements of the railroad community. In 1972, Holland unveiled the first self-propelled railcar with a portable electric flash-butt welding machine in North America. Today, our fleet is the largest in the world with over 200 MobileWelders® across North America and Australia as well as flash-butt welding equipment operating in over 36 countries.

Our Intelliweld® Control System provides an unmatched degree of accuracy and quality in the production of rail welds. We pride ourselves as pioneers in developing flash-butt welding technology that continues to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions. As we continue to innovate welding solutions we apply our industry-leading technology and expertise across a variety of applications.

Flash-butt welding provides a number of benefits over thermite welding such as faster installation, reduced maintenance costs, and a stronger joint with consistent hardness. Learn more about the Benefits of Holland’s Flash-butt Welding Versus Thermite Welding
Variety of Applications
We've adapted our industry-leading flash-butt welding capabilities to accommodate a number of applications such as crane rail and unique transit characteristics.
Weld Quality Lab
Holland Weld Quality Lab
Our headquarters in Crete, IL is home to a one-of-a-kind weld quality lab. We are consistently analyzing, testing, and verifying our welds to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality weld that give their railways new life.
Over 99.9% Weld Quality Conformance
Our Intelliweld® Control System provides unparalleled control over the flashing process & rail consumption.
98% Fleet Uptime
Greater than 98% Fleet Uptime
We're proud to engineer and manufacture the equipment we operate, so our customers can rely on us to have the right equipment and teams to provide a quality FBW solution every time.
Production Reporting
Weld Production Reporting
Data is power. Full production report is accessible within 60 minutes from weld being completed.
This weld data is compiled and can be delivered in customer-specified formats.
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Looking for more information? Check out the Holland Library for additional literature and videos, or contact us.