Sparkless Carbide Saw

Holland is continuing it's innovation with the latest development of the Sparkless Carbide Saw. Increase your efficiency safely with the ability to distress rail while cutting spark free. Adding the Sparkless Carbide Saw to your next repair welding or track destressing project gives you an experienced operator along with our knuckle boom truck outfitted with the saw. 


  • Spark-Free Cutting - Blade cutting chips are cool to the touch and fall within the ballast area
  • No risk of setting fires and allows operations on fire risk days without a fire watch.

  • Dust-Free Cutting - Abrasive saw smoke and dust are eliminated removing health risks for operator and crew. 
  • This is ideal for bridge work, transits, and tunnel applications.

  • Blade Impact Free - Steel blades with control system will retract when overloaded.
  • Abrasive blades can explode when jammed.


  • Rail isn't heated from the cutting process resulting in a cool, clean-cut surface ready for welding.
  • Completely square cuts every time, eliminating weld burn off and improving weld performance.
  • Experienced operator and equipment backed by Holland's decades of industry leadership.


Includes 49-ton destressing jaws, hydraulic blade poisitioning, and frame leveling.
Ability to continue operation during dry conditions when abrasive saw are not allowed.
Automatic feed speed adjustment to extend blade life and offer a lower cost per cut versus abrasive cuts.

Saw Truck
  • Rail grab versatility between handling raw and saw.
  • Transports (2) 40 ' rails or multiple 20' rail.
  • Eliminates the need for separate equipment.


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