Rangecam Reporting Software

Make the right decisions at the right time. Rangecam takes data in its raw form, cleans it up, and makes it useful for our partners. It can extend track performance by optimizing the balance between planned maintenance and planned services. Rangecam gives your data a voice, allowing you to plan for downtime and proper budgeting for maintenance repairs.

Types of Measurements

Rangecam accommodates track geometry, track strength, rail profile and defect data from multiple sources, making it an effective single-source solutions tool.

Multiple Data Sources

Rangecam software provides insight into complex data sets from multiple channels including 3rd party geometry & profile databases.

Custom Reporting

On-demand custom reporting services for any data obtained including reports on track conditions, exceptions, rate of change/degradation and much more.

Informed Decisions

Build a framework for rail and tie replacement budgeting, reports, trending, and visualization, so you can maximize uptime and minimize repair costs.

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