Rangecam Reporting Software

Rangecam, Holland's track data analysis software, enables track planners a comprehensive tool to provide useable information from collected track geometry, track strength, and rail profile measurement data. Tie installation planning based on reported track strength and rail replacement planning based on rail wear trends over time or tonnage are but two of the features of the software.

Data Storage

Holland provides data storage services for all of your track testing data. Ensure your valuable information is safely and securely stored in one location.

Data Processing

We provide complete data processing services to ensure the quality of rail profile, track geometry, track strength and rail defect data. We can process, align and incorporate many types of data from various sources and our expert staff use specialized tools to eliminate erroneous or inaccurate information.

Planning Software

We have a wide variety of planning software to provide reporting and analysis of track conditions including track geometry, rail profile, rail wear, track strength, rail and tie replacement, predictive asset life, rate of change, wheel and rail profile, rail flaw and more. Let us find the solution that best fits your needs.

Planning Software

We can provide on-demand custom reporting services for any data obtained. Pre-programmed or on-demand custom reports can be used to identify troublesome areas and assist in maintenance planning and track management. Our on-demand reports can be generated from processed data prior to maintenance activities and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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