Industrial Track Inspection

Every delay, accident or malfunction has a real impact on your business. The information you gain from track inspection helps maintain your track to standards, locate exceptions before they become serious problems, organize repairs on a priority basis and prevent derailments.

With the largest fleet of track inspection vehicles in North America, Holland offers solutions to provide valuable information about the safety of your rail for maintenance and planning. Holland's TrackSTAR® testing vehicles have patented split-load-axle technology that provides a performance-based assessment of tie and fastener conditions. Our real-time reporting identifies locations with weak track-gauge strength; loose, missing or broken spikes or fasteners; worn, missing or broken tie plates, pads and shoulders; clusters of weak or missing ties; gage widening in timber-tie track and other issues that can pose a potential derailment risk.

  • Our track inspection and maintenance services, including:
  • Track gauge strength
    • 850 series load-axle delivers 7,000 lb. vertical and 3,000 lb. lateral load
  • Baseline and Routine track inspection
  • Track geometry testing
  • Rail profile
  • Track Gauge Strength
  • Scheduled testing programs
  • Track maintenance and construction services