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Argus Testing Technology

Industry Defining Value
Holland's Argus revolutionizes the world of track geometry measurement. Full track geometry and optional rail profile measurements are provided in a lightweight, compact & low power package. Argus's cutting-edge technology offered at a competitive market price sets the standard for the new economy of track measurement systems.

Designed for Multiple Applications
Unlimited applications are realized when you reduce the size, weight power requirements and packaging while increasing the versatility of geometry measurement technology. Argus is ideal for installation on dedicated manned measurement vehicles, and can transition seamlessly to autonomous applications. Argus's low cost and 75lb system weight also make it a practical option for track inspectors' hi-rail vehicles.

Maximum Uptime and Reliability
The design of Argus includes full redundancy of critical components with automatic switchover. This maximizes system uptime. These redundant components are in the sensor tubes and the processing unit. In most cases, a failed component doesn't necessarily result in lost data or system downtime.

Low Maintenance
The sensors are mounted in environmentally sealed tubes which are calibrated at our factory, eliminating the need for field calibration. To replace a rail sensor, the old tube is quickly unbolted and a new tube slipped into its place. Sensors have been carefully selected to eliminate the need for sunlight shields. The entire system consumes less than 75W of power for full track geometry including rail profile.

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