Laser Welding

Special trackwork such as frogs and crossing diamonds have long been a challenge to maintain and repair in the field. Traditional repairs to frogs often only last weeks to six months before requiring additional maintenance. Holland's LaserWelder uses laser additive technology and deploys similarly to a MobileWelder™. Its service includes pre-weld material removal using plasma cutting and robotically controlled hot wire laser cladding (welding) to build back the damaged area.


  • Low fumes given off, no flux required

  • Operator is not over the fumes and can move away while train passes on adjacent track
  • No back strain from long hours working over a frog


  • Improved welding process for more precise welding with low porosity

  • Low heat input monitored to keep base material below 500 degrees
  • Longer lasting repair


  • Complete repairs 2-3 times faster
  • Performs a complete refurbishment to full dimensions rather than a patch repair
  • Complete more repairs sooner to extend life of frogs
  • Significant cost savings

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