Transit Welding

Flash-butt welding rail in-track on transit properties presents unique challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenges to overcome are occupancy of mainlines that run only a few, if any, non-revenue hours per day and clearance restrictions between third rail and running rail and at station platforms. Holland meets these challenges with high-production, hi-rail platform-based equipment that is able to weld in-track without disturbing third rail. The use of electric flash-butt welds in rapid transit rail operations offers many of the same benefits enjoyed by freight railroads. High-quality flash-butt welds provide a smoother ride, durability and the lowest lifetime cost. Our welding technology aimed at the transit market can install flash-butt welds, including closure welds, within the clearance of most third rail electrified systems. We create custom solutions for individual transits to meet their unique characteristics and clearance requirements.

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