Intelliweld® Control System

The Intelliweld® control system provides unparalleled control over the flashing process & rail consumption (low consumption welding).

This system also provides:

  • Real-time weld monitoring, control and diagnostics
  • Real-time automated data collection, weld parameter certification, charting and archiving
  • Real-time automated full fleet operational dashboard

Simple program adjustments allow us to tailor rail consumption to your requirements for localized track structures & target rail neutral temperature. Lower rail consumption reduces the amount of de-clipping and clipping required, improving productivity and reducing labor costs.

Features of this system:

  • Single system control
  • Hardened electronic equipment
  • Remote welder interface for software updates and troubleshooting
  • Certified weld schedule lock
  • Sub millisecond weld process control
  • Flashing interrupt monitoring
  • In process automated weld parameter adjustment
  • Automated calibration routine
  • Valve null readings determined during calibration
  • Automated weld quality checks

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Operator Looking At Intelliweld
Operator with Screen
Operator with Screen
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