Crane Rail Welding

Holland has been providing electric flash-butt crane rail welding services since the mid 1980's. This has become the standard method of joining sections of crane rail to make continuous runways that support both overhead cranes and ground-based container cranes. The strong, continuous welded rail produced is free of foreign material and mechanical joints, two contributing factors to uneven wear and premature failure. Our high-production method of welding crane rail provides a running surface for cranes that minimizes wheel and wheel-bearing maintenance while maximizing ride quality for both the crane operator and valuable lading.

Our flash-butt welding equipment is capable of working quickly and efficiently in high-elevation, limited access applications.  With the ability to produce welds in a fraction of the time of other welding methods, we offer a high-quality welding service.  The value of flash-butt welding is easily identified in the initial speedy cost of installation, the reassurance that costly derailments due to failed joints will be avoided, and greatly reduced maintenance costs.

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