Cable and Chain Securement

Our load securement chain and cable assembly systems make sure your cargo arrives at the destination safely. We have specially designed chains for specific applications and custom cable assemblies to secure many types of products.

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Securement Chains

Holland offers a variety of securement chains that meet AAR and MIL specification requirements. Applications include agricultural implements, industrial or heavy-duty vehicles and military equipment.

Part Numbers:

  • SS20982530 Compression unit for 1/2'' chain
  • SS30983250 Compression unit for Military
  • SS20980660 Compression unit for 3/8'' chain
  • SS20975980 Tie Down Assembly Military Flat Car
  • SS00972570 Heavy Duty Chain Assembly

Brake Chains

We offer a large selection of brake chain products. With a variety of sizes to choose from, we have the brake chain solution for you.


Available in common sizes and styles to secure lading and prevent damage to your product.

Part Number:

  • SS40116950 Turnable Winch

Cable Assemblies

Holland has a wide variety of custom length cable assemblies for use on center beam cars to secure products like lumber, steel and much more.

Web Straps

Polyester web straps are available in 2" or 4" widths with a variety of hardware to meet your needs.

Frame-Flat Tie Downs

Our custom-designed chain assembles, along with our high-strength forged tie rod, allow for easy attachment to the top harness of an automotive or light truck frame load.