Door Defender

Our Door Defender Protection System has a rugged outdoor-grade polyethylene construction featuring a patent pending bumper profile that acts as a spring to absorb door impacts. Door Defender is entirely waterproof and has been impact-tested to 3,000 cycles in conditions as harsh as -40 F and +130 F. The system includes a "one-size-fits-all" side post guard that stretches to cover nearly all auto rack structural elements and Holland's trusted nylon buttons with triple engaging lips.


  • Cross linked, closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Now water absorption
  • Special nylon button with triple engaging lips
  • No glue – easy to remove
  • Side posts, cross-bracing and gussets are foam covered to eliminate door to metal auto rack contact

Part Numbers:

  • 74929 Expandable Side Post Guard
  • 75028 96'' Bumper for A/B Deck
  • 75027 94'' Bumper for C Deck
  • 74968 Spring Clip (C Deck)
  • 71981 Button

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