Multi-Level Car Products for Automotive Service

Our AAR approved chocks, grating and door edge protection solutions are designed for ease-of-use for increased efficiencies while minimizing vehicle movement and damage. The entire product line is compatible with bi-level, tri-level and convertible auto racks..

Our design and development team also effectively assesses railroad industry standards and customer requirements to design and manufacturer customized auto rack solutions.

Door Defender

Our Door Defender Protection System has a rugged outdoor-grade polyethylene construction featuring a patented bumper profile that acts as a spring to absorb door impacts. Door Defender is entirely waterproof and has been impact-tested to 3,000 cycles in conditions as harsh as -40 F and +130 F. The system includes a "one-size-fits-all" side post guard that stretches to cover nearly all auto rack rail car structural elements and Holland's trusted nylon buttons with triple engaging lips.

  • Requires no adhesive
  • Tear-resistant button slots
  • Easy installation
  • Nesting design – compact shipping
  • “One size fits all” expandable side post guard
  • Conditionally AAR approved
  • UV Resistant
Patent Number: 10,407,085



Grate Lock Track

Holland's Grate Lock Track (GLT) is a key component to our vehicle restraint product offerings. The superior construction and galvanizing of the GLT ensure excellent durability in the demanding auto rack environment. The Lock n Load Chock works seamlessly with the GLT eliminating jumped chocks.


LocknLoad Chock

Holland offers a Complete Vehicle Restraint System that includes the LocknLoad Chock (LnL) in combination with our Grate Lock Track (GLT). The LnL Chock works seamlessly with the GLT eliminating jumped chocks. Our LocknLoad Chock is Conditionally AAR Approved.

Benefits of the LocknLoad Chock:

  • Higher Ramp
  • Lower Profile
  • Ergonomically well-balanced handle
  • Easily repairable
  • Simple design
  • Positive locking indicator shows chock has been installed correctly
  • Easily storable
Patent Number: 9,555,816

For Holland's Instructional Installation Video click here.


Universal Storage Pan

  • Provides storage location for Bi-Level chocks when not in use 
  • All metal construction with anti-corrosion coating 
  • Easily attaches to Autorack Side Screens 
  • Compatible with ALL Bi-Level chock models 


Tri-Lo Chock Model 2

Our answer to the industry needs for a low-profile chock for Tri-Level auto racks. The lightweight, durable design meets minimum clearance and eliminating the need for risers.

Tri-Lo Features:

  • Low-profile design
  • Lightweight
  • Protective black coating
  • Durable steel body
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Universal chock body
  • Familiar design
  • Conditionally AAR approved
For more information on this product, view the product sheet in English and Spanish
For Holland's Instructional Installation Video click here.


Winchock Tie Down Arrangement

The Winchock Tie Down Arrangement System is used to secure large rubber-tired vehicles such as SUV’s, buses, fire trucks, tractors, and more that would normally be transported in a uni-level rail car

Uni-Level Chock System


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