Mobile Welding

As the largest mobile flash-butt rail welding service provider in the world, we pride ourselves as pioneers in developing flash-butt welding technology that ... >> Learn More

Rail Team Welding

Using our MobileWelder® within a rail production team, all rail joints can be flash-butt welded during the ra... >> Learn More

Repair Welding

We use our proven low consumption welding technology in conjunction with our Puller-Lite to eliminate defects... >> Learn More

Turnout Welding

Turnouts are the most expensive component of the track system. Our high-quality flash-butt welds increase the... >> Learn More

Roller Line Welding

When logistics or economics prevents delivery of continuous welded rail (CWR), our roller line welding soluti... >> Learn More

Portable Plant Welding

We understand that rail transportation and logistics are some of the most critical issues for our customers w... >> Learn More

Transit System

The use of electric flash-butt welds in rapid transit rail operations offers many of the same benefits enjoye... >> Learn More

Fixed Plant Welding

Each of our fixed plant welding facilities operates with high production equipment and experienced personnel. As the industry leader in flash-butt welding, p... >> Learn More

Thermite Welding

Holland recently acquired the operating assets of The Bankhead Companies, a railroad industry service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia.  By combining ... >> Learn More