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Web Link Closure Case Study
Learn the features and benefits of the Puller Lite.  Read about Holland's Closure Flash-Butt Welding solution.
Web Link Destressing Case Study
Learn more about how Holland can provide Destressing solutions for tie replacement programs.
Web Link Rangecam Case Study
Explore how Holland has developed maintenance software that provides reporting, planning and visualization tools to the railroads.
Web Link Repair Welding Case Study
Read the story of how Holland is revolutionizing Flash-Butt Repair Welding and learn the benefits of the Puller-Lite and low consumption rail welding.
Web Link Transit Closure Case Study
This study illustrates our commitment to customer partnerships. It explains how we created a specific flash-butt welding solution for the transit market.
Web Link Turnkey Case Study
A brief documentation of the creation of our HTEC (Holland Turnkey and Engineering Construction) business unit and the services we can provide our customers.
Web Link Turnout Case Study
This study introduces our Extended Reach MobileWelder, a boom-crane equipped portable welding system, which is capable of deploying the welder head up to 40 feet (32 feet with welder head and puller) to the side of the truck – specializing in the flash-butt welding of turnouts.
Web Link UGMS Product Sheet
Explains superior Argus testing technology combined with the flexibility and economic benefits of UGMS (Unattended Geometry Measurement System).
Web Link Argus Testing Technology
Learn how our Argus testing technology solutions offer complete flexibility for any application or budget.
Web Link California Roller Line Video
A short video documentation of Holland's Roller Line Flash-Butt Welding process.
Web Link Cut and Slide Video
A short documentation of Holland's Cut and Slide Flash-Butt Welding process.
Web Link Extended Reach MobileWelder Video
A short video documentation of Holland's Extended Reach MobileWelder in action – turnout application.
Web Link Fixed Plant Welding Overview
Each of our fixed plant welding facilities operates with high production flash-butt welding equipment – view this short video documentation to learn more.
Web Link Rail Destressing Video
This video documents a HTEC Gang with MobileWelder tackle a Destressing project for worn tie replacement.
Web Link Stockton Fixed Plant Facility Video
This short video documents Holland's monumental achievement – the largest fixed plant flash-butt welding facility in the world! This facility welds Continuous Welded Rail at lengths of 1920 feet in other words the length of 5 NFL football fields.
Web Link Track Maintenance & Construction Video
This short video showcases Holland's variety of turnkey, maintenance and construction services. We combine our flash-butt welding expertise and industry knowledge to deliver customized solutions.
Web Link TrackSTAR Hi-Rail Track Testing Vehicles
Learn how our TrackSTAR Contract services can fulfill your track measurement needs.
Web Link Porta-Plant Video
A short video documentation of Holland's Porta-Plant Flash-Butt Welding process.
Web Link Track Testing and Geometry Video
This presentation features Holland's Vista Geometry system along with our patented load axle technology, our Hi-Rail Testing solutions, Unmanned Geometry Measurement Systems and RFID tag technology.
Web Link Rangecam Product Sheet
Rangecam Maintenance Planning turns data into useful information needed to make critical decisions about railway maintenance and planning, learn more about it here.