Zero injuries.

With our core value of Family in mind, this quest to achieve zero injuries will always be our top objective as a company. To this end, our professional Safety team works in partnership with our leaders and employees to coach, educate and, where necessary, challenge unsafe behaviors.

We believe that injuries most often result from lack of knowledge or experience, losing concentration due to fatigue or simply working at an unsafe pace which can often prompt taking short cuts. Our leaders are trained to educate their teams to counteract these root causes.

Our Safety team is continually looking for ways to strengthen Safety awareness, knowledge on proper work procedures and employee well being with our ultimate goal of zero injuries in mind. Employees are regularly encouraged to help us investigate the root causes for unsafe circumstances. We sincerely believe that to achieve our goal, every employee must contribute to the best of their abilities for us to stay safe each and every day.

 Number of Days Injury Free By Division:

HTEC US - 515

HTEC CA - 92

Thermite - 1533

MBarD - 98

MOD US - 114

MOD CA - 132

Fixed Plant - 97

HoTT - 1546

HEBU - 712

RMSS - 2902

Laser - 397


Last updated 2/1/2021