Attending Railway Interchange 2019?

We'll be in booth # 2551 and 2650 to show all of our latest railway solutions!

Stop by to view one of our technical sessions throughout the show in our booth from our very own rail industry experts.

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Schedule of Events

Sunday, September 22nd



 3:00 PM

Engineering Capabilities

Although we're primarily known for welding throughout the rail industry, we've engineered numerous products from our product securement devices, MobileWelders, and TrackSTAR testing vehicles. Join Vincent as he dives into Holland's engineering capabilities and operations followed by a Q&A session.



Vincent Lenoir

Director of Engineering


4:00 PM

Argus Testing Technology

Argus revolutionizes the world of track geometry measurement. Full track geometry and optional rail profile measurements are provided in a lightweight, compact & low power package Join Sabri as he describes the features, functions, and benefits of Argus followed by a Q&A session.



Sabri Cakdi

Director of Product Development



Monday, September 23rd:

 10:00 AM

Sparkless Carbide Saw

Holland is proud to introduce its latest suite of Sparkless services for track maintenance. Join us as Paul takes you through the features, functions, and benefits of our Sparkless Carbide Saw followed by a Q&A session.



Paul Lindemulder

Director of Research & Development, and New Product Development


1:30 PM

Auto Rack Products

 Our AAR approved chocks, grate lock track, and door defender products are designed for ease-of-use for increased efficiencies while minimizing vehicle movement and damage. Join Art as he describes the features, functions, and benefits of Holland's Auto Rack Products followed by a Q&A session.



Art Poulopoulos

Mechanical Sales Manager


 2:30 PM 

Welding Operations

Join us as Kevin explains every step of our welding operations to ensure our welds are the best in the business!


Kevin Piefer

General Manager, Welding


 3:30 PM

Rangecam Reporting Software

Move beyond "Find and Fix" to "Predict and Plan". Rangecam, Holland's track data analysis software, enables planners a comprehensive tool with usable information to make the best cost effective decisions when it comes to track maintenance. Join Meera as she discusses the benefits of Holland's Rangecam software followed by a Q&A Session.


Meera Dugar

Director of Data Intelligence


 4:30 PM

Load Snugger System

Ensuring your cargo arrives at its destination safely and undamaged is the primary objective of Holland's line of rail car products. Join Gilda as she describes the features, functions, and benefits of Holland's Load Snugger System followed by a Q&A session.


 Gilda Noonan

Mechanical Sales Manager