Light rail systems have been a popular mode of transport since the late 1800’s. With population density in major cities increasing and the need for efficient modes of transport that can be incorporated into existing infrastructure, light rail is an effective means of transport. Light rail utilises a number of different rail profiles such as 51R1 grooved rails. Having 50 years’ experience welding ‘T’ rail profiles for heavy rail networks, Holland designed a practical solution in the G-head welder.

With over 300km of light rail and the largest light rail network in the world, Australia transports more than 255 million passengers annually across these networks. Reliability and performance of the rail is imperative to these operations. The added complexity that comes with light rail networks also means that standards must be rigorous like those seen on heavy rail networks. Much like Light Rail Networks, infrastructure that utilise profiles such as crane rail can often be hard to access and require upmost reliability along with longevity. With experience welding heavier profile rails such as A150, a Flashbutt weld mad with a Holland G-Head welder can be made within 270 seconds. Our expertise has seen Holland deliver heavy rail Flashbutt welding for Kennedy Space station, Alcoa Aluminum and various port authorities around the world, as well as streetcar systems across North America.

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