Congratulations to Jeff Hajkowicz on his retirement from Holland!

Jeff began his career at Holland as a Fabricator in the Shop Department in May of 1979. Many have had the pleasure of working with and for Jeff over the last 42 years. He has helped Holland evolve to what it is today and been a key member of our successful mobile operations division(MOD).

Jeff got his start manufacturing and fabricating components for equipment at our Chicago Heights, Illinois facility and assisted in overhauling and building new welder heads. From there, he was promoted to the Technical Supervisor of the Welder Head Department in 1989. In the subsequent years, Jeff helped start and work on crane rail welding efforts, trained employees, established curriculums on the operation and troubleshooting of our MobileWelders, ran our Markham, Illinois fixed plant, served as Operations Director for MOD, and today is the Senior Director over MOD Equipment.

We wish Jeff all the best in his retirement and we’re going to miss his dedication and knowledge he’s brought to Holland over the years. Congratulations, Jeff! You deserve it.

Click the video below to see our video from a few of Jeff's biggest fans -