We are excited to have our 2021 Summer interns at Holland! Please give a warm welcome to Colton DeJong who is interning with our marketing and sales departments. Read our mini interview with Colton below!

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I transferred to Purdue University West Lafayette after one year of going to school at Dordt University for my first year.

My favorite sport is baseball, and I am a serious Cubs fan. I have 6 younger siblings. I have been working since 8th grade at JTP Lawn Inc. That company is now part of Podlin Farms after he bought out Maday’s greenhouse in Crete IL. My favorite thing to do in the summer is floating down the Kankakee on inner-tubes with my friends. Fishing and hunting are two of my favorite hobbies. I live in Crown Point, Indiana.



  • Why did you choose Holland to apply for an internship?

I chose Holland because I had visited them in high school and was impressed by the people working here and how nice and welcoming they were. I also was very interested in the industry at the time and still am. On top of all of that, it is relatively close to home. I came here to visit originally for engineering, but over the years I lost interest in that and decided I liked business and sales more.


  • Walk us through an average day of your internship.

8:15 I arrive at the Crete Location

8:20 I start my computer and get everything set up, then I begin checking instant messages and my emails.

8:30 I begin working on one of the projects I have been given to work on

9:00 I typically get on a call with Tiffany Wenrich at some point in the morning to discuss what the day is going to look like and anything out of the ordinary I will be doing.

9:30 Work on projects

12:00pm eat lunch

12:30 work on projects

2:00 on occasional afternoons the whole marketing team goes on a call and I listen in. Other days I just keep working on projects or there are other meetings or calls I attend

5:00 I start packing up to go home.


Welcome to the team, Colton!