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Founded in 1935, Holland has been a leader in progressive and comprehensive solutions spanning the rail industry for 85 years. We’re known across North America as the premier provider of flash-butt welding services and lead the way in track geometry measurement and track maintenance and construction. Our full portfolio of innovative Maintenance of Way services keeps Class 1, Short Line and Transit rail systems running safely and efficiently by giving them the ability to move beyond find and fix to plan for maximum uptime.

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Runway rail replacement can be an expensive project. For any organization there are multiple conditions that must be considered such as impact on cranes, structures and their operations as well as effects it may have on the product quality. Luckily, Holland offers electric flash-butt welding services for crane rail repairs for rail sizes ranging from 60 to 175 pounds per yard. Holland has been performing flash-butt welds since the mid 1980s and continues to prove that it is the most durable and reliable currently available.

In an article by Charles A. Totten from 1996, Bethlehem Steel Corp. in Burns Harbor experienced first hand how replacing their runways using flash-butt welding brought down maintenance costs tremendously. Bethlehem Steel used flash-butt welding to replace 14 of the 20 miles of crane rail throughout the plant from 1987 on. These welds take 90 to 270 seconds to perform compared to other joint assemblies which can take up to hours to finish. According to the same article, in a two year period there were 0 failures using flash-butt welding compared to bolted joints which had 95% fail rate. With thermite welds, in a two year period these joints had a breakage failure rate of 8%.


Pictured Above: Holland Mobile Flash-Butt Welder Head Raised Up To Repair Rail


Problems like bearing failures, broken axles and wheels, fatigue cracks, and sheared bolts are not a problem when flash-butt welding methods are used. This is due to the narrow heat affected zone. This means you also get a more consistent Brinell Hardness Reading, signifying no hard or soft spots that will cause the welds to deform and ultimately fail. 



Flash-butt welding will give your rail runways a longer life and lower maintenance labor costs over time due to not having to repair joints more frequently. To integrate Holland's flash-butt welding services into your next rail maintenance project, Contact Us.



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